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Eyetech Product Showcase


Live Action Product Video Campaign


February 2022


Las Vegas, CA


Eddie Castillo, Hebert Huerta, John C.

Project Type

Product Video Production

Dive into the realm of hyper-fantasy with our live-action product video for 'Eyetech'. Combining futuristic aesthetics with carefully crafted narratives, we present the device as a beacon of cutting-edge technology. The video masterfully juxtaposes the model in diverse settings, from ambiently lit spacescapes to luxurious resort relaxation scenes, underlining the product's transformative power. Highlighting the sleek design and innovative eye therapy technology of 'Eyetech', we draw viewers into a world of relaxation and rejuvenation. This project stands as a testament to the persuasive power of live-action product video production in creating compelling narratives for innovative products.

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