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Header Image of a giant phone and a feathers sofa coming out of the phone with two people sitting. This thumbnail creation was for an influencer marketing campaign for a furniture company in Los Angeles.

Feathers Destroyed

Internet's Favorite Creators Take on the Challenge to Destroy the Internet's Favorite Sofa 

The creators took on the challenge to see how the sofa holds up to spills, stains, and other messes that can happen in a busy household. They tested the sofa's durability and stain resistance, and challenged the internet's question:  Does the Feathers Sofa by Valyou Furniture Live up to the Hype?

Store Products including sofa and table being showcased

Valyou' Engagement Boosts Hits Record High

Valyōu Furniture's Feathers Sofa has been a standout in its category, attributed to its sleek modern style, effortless maintenance, and fully machine-washable design. The product's popularity has fueled its widespread sharing on social media platforms, ultimately making it a top seller for the brand.

Youtuber Thumbnail of a Viral Video that is meant to showcase how dirty a sofa can get
Image of two Americas Next Top Model cast members that were a part of the influencer marketing services provided for home goods brand in Los Angeles.
Los Angeles Influencer riding bike on street
Compilation of Influencers in a Viral Social Media Campaign to Destroy A Sofa

Ten Creators.

Five Social Platforms.


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In a competitive landscape, Valyōu Furniture required a tailored marketing strategy that could harness the power of targeted keywords proven to catalyze conversions, thereby outperforming competitor products.


Altered State Productions responded to this challenge with an innovative strategy that went beyond surface-level keyword application. By conducting meticulous content and SEO analysis, they identified nuanced keyword trends and implemented them in an engaging, SEO-optimized video campaign. This approach was designed to maximize organic reach and stimulate engagement among Valyōu Furniture's target demographic.


This laser-focused SEO strategy spurred impressive results for the Valyōu Furniture brand. Not only did it bolster brand awareness and boost search query rates, but it also resulted in a significant increase in conversions, affirming the power of meticulous content and SEO analysis.

Influencer thumbnail creation with a woman sitting on a couch eating chips out of a bowl like a wild animal.

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