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Altered State Productions proudly highlights our media campaign crafted for The Ocean Foundation. Employing aerial drone videography, we captured the ocean's grandeur and its delicate ecosystems. These dynamic visuals, showcasing vast seas to marine microcosms, became cornerstone assets in our evocative storytelling.


Beyond content creation, we magnified this message via a targeted social media advertising strategy. Tailored content, optimized for platforms like Facebook and Instagram, combined with our aerial visuals, resonated deeply across digital audiences. Altered State Productions' commitment shines, turning visionary campaigns into impactful digital narratives.


"We are the last generation that can save the oceans, and we are the first generation that must learn to live without them." - Silvia Earle  

Aerial Video

We transcended the boundaries of traditional photography, capturing mesmerizing ocean landscapes and enchanting marine life from breathtaking heights. Our skilled drone pilots navigate the skies with precision, delivering visually stunning footage that immerses viewers in the vastness of the sea and its vital conservation message.


Through the power of aerial videography, we inspire change, raise awareness, and instill a deep appreciation for the ocean's fragile ecosystem, propelling our clients' marine conservation initiatives to new heights.


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