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Skin Texture

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The worlds of technology and beauty have collided.  

Introducing the next generation of advanced technology in skin care therapy.  Developed by leading plastic surgeons, this state-of-the-art device is powered by NASA’s revolutionary infrared technology, including four wavelengths of light and thermal heating.  In collaborating with top scientists and engineers, we aimed to elevate a revolutionary product to new heights through engaging storytelling and stunning visuals, transcending the possibilities of the future in skin care.

Our team of creators excelled in multiple areas including content creation, scripting, 3D modeling, graphic design, video production, infomercials, commercials, explainers, testimonial videos, animation, video editing, and photography.

Our content creation team crafted compelling narratives, our 3D modelers brought the device to life with meticulous detail, and our graphic designers created captivating visuals that showcased its cutting-edge features. In collaboration with our talented video production team, we produced infomercials, commercials, and explainers that conveyed the science and benefits of this breakthrough technology.

We didn't stop there. Our testimonial videos captured the experiences and transformations of individuals who experienced the device's remarkable effects. Additionally, our animation experts added a touch of magic to the visuals, bringing concepts and processes to life in a captivating way. And finally, our skilled video editors and photographers ensured that every frame and image resonated with the audience, capturing the essence of the Science of Light.

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