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LovelaceCXS AI 

Don't miss out on the opportunity to take your marketing efforts to the next level with our most requested project.  Sign up to be on the waiting list and be the first to join the Beta Release of the first-ever MarketingCXS AI Assistant.

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  • Lovelace CXS Go

    Every month
    Jumpstart business with stellar chat basics; ideal for ambitious startups.
    • 1 Chatbot
    • 1500 Messages /month
    • Unlimited Trained AI Responses
    • Dedicated Support
    • 3 Integrations ( Slack, WhatsApp, Shopify )
    • Security
  • Lovelace CXS Native

    Every month
    Elevate with advanced cosmic AI; tailor-made for booming enterprises.
    • 2 Chatbots
    • 2500 Messages /month
    • Unlimited Trained AI Responses & Integrations
    • Dedicated Priority Support & Security
    • Automated 50 Lead Generation /month
  • Lovelace CXS Pro

    Every month
    Ultimate space-age toolkit; unmatched for business supremacy.
    • 5 Chatbots
    • 6000 Messages /month
    • Unlimited AI Responses & Integrations
    • Dedicated Priority Support & Security
    • Unlimited Lead Generation /month
    • Unlimited Quote Calculations /month
    • Unlimited Automated Appointment Setting
    • Multilingual Chatbot


Lead Generation Assistant
Automatically collect, segment, and qualify leads, so your team can prioritize how they handle them.


Appointment Setting Assistant
Automate the scheduling of appointments and booking of reservations.

After Hours Assistant
Lovelace works while you sleep, around the clock, and on days off.  


Marketing FAQ Assistant 
Lovelace quickly answers common questions to save time for both you and your company. 

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