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Computer Programmers

Careers & Opportunities

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Creative Media Production

Art is Business

Step into a world where the artistic edge meets technical expertise. Data and science push a collective of skilled artists, producers, and technicians to create media that stands out in an over-saturated market.  With Our Sight, we bring a sucker punch into the world of media production to create something that has never been done before.

Marketing & Distribution

Business is an Art

As a certified agency partner powered by SEMrush, we bring a strategic edge to marketing campaigns. From analyzing keywords to optimizing for performance or identifying lucrative areas of opportunity to broadcast, our advantage is to ensure you stay ahead of the competition without spending as much money. Your success is our priority, and we hustle to make sure your return on investment goes above your expectations, propelling your brand to new heights, and following Your Vision.

Discover Altered State Productions.

Our commitment: your career redefined.

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Shape the industry with a smart and savvy creative hustle.

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Portfolio Development

Add valuable, professional work to your portfolio that showcases your abilities and your role in successful campaigns.

Modern Lounge


 Benefit from personalized guidance and feedback from our experienced team members, helping you refine your skills and understand industry practices.

3D Faces

Collaborative Culture

Thrive in our collaborative and inclusive work culture that encourages idea-sharing and mutual growth.

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Values-based Organization

We are committed to integrity, respect, and diversity, offering an environment where everyone is valued and heard.

3D Manufacturing Printer

Cutting-edge Tools

Get hands-on experience with the latest creative tools and platforms in the industry.

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Networking Opportunities

Interact and build relationships with industry professionals, both within our agency and with clients, potentially opening doors for future job opportunities.

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Skill Enhancement

 Develop a broad range of skills, including critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and teamwork, in addition to specific creative skills.

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Secure Communications

You can safely communicate and exchange files with any marketer at Altered State Productions through our secure messaging system.

Aside from the member portal, we'll meet you where you are and communicate with you on the platform you prefer.

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Influencing Change

See your work make a real difference as you contribute to campaigns that can drive change and influence audiences.

Balancing Shapes

Diverse Projects

Work on a variety of tasks across different industries, allowing you to explore and identify your interests

Digital Art

Learning Experience

Gain hands-on experience in a fast-paced, creative environment, working on real-world projects that directly impact our clients.

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Flexible Schedule

We understand you're a student first. We provide flexible working hours to accommodate your class schedule and study needs.

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Innovative Environment

Be part of an agency that values innovation and creativity, encouraging you to push boundaries and think outside the box.

Spheres and Rings

Understanding the Industry

Gain insight into the inner workings of a creative agency, helping you make informed career decisions.

Futuristic Vehicle

Potential Employment

Successful interns may be offered a full-time position after graduation, making this a great step towards a promising career.

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