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Made with Altered State

Where ordinary marketing becomes extraordinary

 We're dedicated to crafting captivating marketing strategies for various industries, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Leveraging our media marketing expertise, we crafted compelling content for CTV, OOH, and social media. Results? Unprecedented brand visibility, soaring sales, and a devoted customer base.  


Witness how we unleashed our marketing edge for thriving brands. This is the media agency that defies norms and ignites brands to new heights.



Super model eats chips messy style and wipes Cheeto dust on couch for influencer video marketing campaign.


Internet's Favorite Creators  Destroy the Internet's Favorite Sofa 



gif made from a scene where a barber is giving a haircut for tutorial or instructional video production.

Blending with Ego

The Gentleman Barbershop that Shaved the Competition with Ego

Social Media


Gids of pictures of furniture, with a couch cut out for a social media marketing campaign.


GIF Game

The Interactive Design Game Powered by Giphy  with Hidden Backlinks

Influencer Campaign


Altered State Production crew snapshot of their virtual office in spatial.

Virtual in Spatial 

From Cubicles to Cyberspace, a Media Collective Transforms Work-life Norms

I want to collaborate on a campaign that pushes the limit.

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Image of a professional photography set designed by professional photographers. The backdrop is a white open concept bathroom that is lit with white, pink and blue lighting.
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