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A Colorful Recovery

Color Correction

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From the creators of the world's most powerful massage gun, Altered State Productions and The Wolves LA teamed up to prove that our production and video editing skills were just as strong.

At Altered State Productions, our collaboration with REVO, championed under the motto "Edit. Recover. Repeat.," aimed to mirror the power and dynamism of REVO's recovery tools in our video content. Teaming up with The Wolves LA, we zeroed in on showcasing the leading-edge technology and standout features of REVO's percussion massage guns, suction cupping devices, and treadmills, crafting ecommerce ads designed for visibility on platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Amazon.

Our video editing was meticulously aimed at highlighting what sets REVO apart: the potent technology and unique selling points that define the world's most powerful massage gun. By focusing on these key aspects, our ads underscored the significant impact of REVO's products on muscle recovery and pain relief, packaged in digestible, engaging visuals and messaging that cut through the noise of oversaturated digital spaces.

Precision-engineered for impact, our videos were not just crafted to grab attention but to seamlessly drive conversions, demonstrating the effectiveness of REVO's massage guns with compelling messaging that resonates with viewers, encouraging them to experience these transformative products firsthand. Now, Edit. Recover. Repeat.