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Energized VFX Motion Graphics | REVO™

Project Type

Motion Graphics


December 2023


Los Angeles, CA


Eddie Castillo, Media Director
Jordan Alford, Video Editor




Titles and Graphics for e-commerce product videos

For the REVO™ commercial ad spots, our team pushed the envelope by integrating advanced techniques such as the roto brush in After Effects and cutting-edge visual effects (VFX) to bring the brand's message to life. Our approach was to blend on-trend design with on-brand messaging, creating a cohesive visual identity that resonates with the audience. By employing dynamic animations and captivating callouts, we highlighted the key features and benefits of REVO™ products in a way that was both informative and impossible to ignore. By marrying on-trend titles and callouts with the advanced capabilities of roto brush and VFX, we crafted commercial ad spots for REVO™ that were visually stunning, highly informative, and deeply engaging. The result echoed REVO™ commitment to innovation, recovery, and wellness.

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