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Branded Sweaters | T-Shirts | Collectibles | Branded Collateral | Decals | Production Apparel | Accessories | Merchandise | Swag & Accessories to inspire your creative side.

Altered State Productions introduces an exclusive range of creative gear, featuring Sweaters, T-Shirts, Collectibles, Branded Gear, and Decals, tailored for the production crew on the ground and the creative in studio.  Each piece is created to inspire and equip the forward-thinkers, setting trends and defying the ordinary.


Altered State Productions empowers creatives to express their unique style and to step into the Altered State scene and rock the creative edge with our exclusive drops. Check out the latest in Sweaters, T-Shirts, Collectibles, Branded Gear, Decals, and more, all designed for those who lead the pack in innovation and style. 

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