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Dallas Blends

Creative Production & Marketing

Photography | Video Production | Post Production Services | Sound Design | 2D & 3D Design | & More

Dallas Blends Barbershop has a cutting-edge feel designed to suit every gentlemen's fantasy. With seven operational suites featuring 18 of Dallas's finest independent barbers, a millennial lounge, and a developing media room. The barbershop seeks to offer experiences rather than just haircuts.


We take a behind-the-scenes look at the life of the most daring barbers in the industry, as they push to become a worldwide trend in the craft. Our team managed all aspects of the project, including 3D product design, live-action filming, video editing, sound design, music scoring, mixing, and mastering. We also took care of the storytelling and scripting, ensuring that the final product effectively conveyed the message and resonated with the intended audience.  

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