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Lights, Camera, Dallas: How Altered State Stands Out Among Production Companies

Updated: Mar 5

Altered State Productions announced as a 2023 Local Excellence Award Winner in Dallas, Texas Video Production Services by Upcity.

Excellence Award Winner

From mavericks to masters, the DFW video production team has recently been awarded as a recipient of the 2023 Local Excellence Award from UpCity, establishing their position as one of Dallas' best video production companies.

Amidst a backdrop of relentless hustle and boundary-pushing creativity, Altered State Productions has captured the hearts of millennials with their raw and captivating storytelling. Their all-in approach has resonated with startups, making them the go-to destination for those seeking visually stunning and emotionally charged video content.

For over a decade, UpCity has been—and continues to be— dedicated to helping businesses discover trustworthy B2B service providers. Each year, Upcity meticulously evaluate and rate more than 50,000 service providers, including top production companies, based on their Recommendability Rating and acknowledge the top national and local providers— culminating in the UpCity Excellence Awards.

The results are in: Altered State Productions is the Winner of the 2023 Local Excellence Award.

local excellence

Altered State Productions operates as a creative media production company in Dallas, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, combining the collective talents of a new generation of storytellers, artists, and technicians. One part media production, one part marketing agency, they view media marketing as an art form that fuels their boundless creativity and breathes life into your vision.

This distinguished recognition is a testament to Altered State Productions' unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results and their outstanding 5.0-star review rating on UpCity. Satisfied customers have expressed their utmost admiration through client reviews, highlighting the team's involvement, responsiveness, creativity, attention to detail, and cost-effective quality.

Paypal with phone

“We recently used Altered State Productions for a video commercial, and we couldn't be happier. The team was very involved, responsive, and launched so many options of videos… It really exceeded our expectations. Their creativity and attention to detail really is why I went with them and our e-commerce store now has a new kick to stand out. 100% recommend." - DG Works, April 2023

" Altered state productions has been a great way to run all of our campaigns in one place. I loved logging into my member profile where I could access project updates in real time, project support 24/7, and easy access to my favorite content. Thank you so much Altered team. In partnership, -Katarina Bronson, March 2023 

“Their approach was commendablein terms of understanding our client's problems and helping us solve them. The quality of work Altered State provides for the cost is really great — we get a lot for what we pay.” - Ryan Mercier, March 2023

Man with a gadget

The entire Altered State Productions team is honored by this meaningful award. Their dedication to forging meaningful lifelong partnerships has driven them to surpass their own limits. Their unwavering commitment to going the extra mile has paid off, and they are thrilled to have their hard work acknowledged.

The UpCity Recommendability Rating stands as a testament to Altered State Productions' credibility and trustworthiness. This rating bolsters UpCity's confidence in recommending their services to the vast community of over two million businesses who rely on their marketplace, which is fortified by a wealth of verified reviews.

Altered State Productions, as a premier video production company in Dallas, continues to leave an indelible mark on the industry. Their unique blend of unruly creativity, captivating storytelling, and unmatched dedication has established them as an industry leader. With this prestigious award in their grasp, they remain committed to delivering exceptional video production experiences that transcend expectations and leave an everlasting impact on audiences.


About the UpCity Recommendability Rating

The UpCity Recommendability Rating was developed to determine a service provider’s credibility and trustworthiness. This rating helps give UpCity the confidence to recommend a service provider to the more than two million businesses that visit our marketplace, which is powered by over 35,000 verified reviews. Read more about the UpCity Excellence Award here.

About Altered State Productions

We are a groundbreaking creative media marketing agency. From concept to completion, we see media marketing as an art form that drives our creativity and brings your vision to life. By maximizing brand identity by utilizing photography, web, video, advertising, 3D designs, animation, graphic design, sound, social media, and anything you can creatively envision to market products and services in the competitive landscape, our team of professionals can craft the right message of authenticity and experience with Our Sight—your Vision.


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