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Domenique Comparetto Joins Altered State Productions as Agency Expands

Updated: Jun 10

 Introducing Domenique Comparetto, Head of Content Strategy at the renowned Dallas marketing and media agency: A professional portrait capturing the expertise and strategic prowess of a digital marketing expert.

Altered State Productions welcomes Domenique Comparetto, the new Head of Content Strategy at the Dallas marketing and media agency.

Domenique is a seasoned content strategist and writer with a wealth of experience in the digital marketing industry. She has teamed up with the Dallas-based media agency, known for its award-winning work, to build effective marketing strategies. She will deliver robust content plans that captivate target audiences and boost the agency's growth.

As a writer, Domenique specializes in marketing topics, including eCommerce, content marketing, industry specific trends, and practical marketing guides. She supports businesses with strategies that form real connections with consumers through meaningful content.

Altered State Productions is a revolutionary digital marketing agency changing how businesses and brands access marketing services. The company gives priority to convenience and flexibility in its offerings. Clients can choose various digital marketing services such as video and film production, SEO, social media, and email marketing. These services are delivered using a cutting-edge Service-as-a-Product (SaaP) model.

Hebert Huerta and Eddie Castillo, co-founders, developed the SaaP model to address the challenges of the traditional marketing service approach. This typically involves a series of discovery calls, proposals, and quotes before work can commence. With the SaaP model, business owners and brands can easily browse and select the marketing campaigns or services they need. This approach provides transparency and certainty on price, duration, scope of work, and return on investment guaranteed.

After launching their marketing e-commerce store, the team is excited to offer their services in an a-la-carte convenience. The shopping cart UX provides an intuitive experience similar to ordering from "Uber Eats." With this seamless approach, clients can browse and purchase the marketing services they need with no strings attached.

Under Domenique's leadership in content strategy, Altered State Productions says they will continue to exceed clients' expectations. The agency will produce engaging, top-notch content for their audience and support the growth of their clients' businesses.

Visit Altered State Production's website for more information on Copywriting and Content Services.


About Altered State Productions

Situated at the crossroads of creativity and technology, Altered State Productions crafts media masterpieces that deeply resonate. Their Brand integration, amplified by a strategic agency partnership with SEMrush, doesn't merely tell stories—it shows that there is science in art.


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