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The Sound of Success: Spencer Kenney Joins Altered State Productions

Updated: Feb 15

From Major Brands to Film Festivals: Kenney brings field expertise to join the Dallas Based Creative Agency.

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Imagine a media production where the sound could be better. The dialogue is muffled, the background noise is overwhelming, and the sound effects are lackluster. This detracts from the overall experience, leaving the audience uninterested and disengaged.

Now, imagine a film or video production where the sound is crisp, clear, and perfectly balanced. The dialogue is easy to understand, the background ambiance is tastefully used to enhance the scene, and the sound effects are dynamic and engaging. This creates an immersive experience for the audience, keeping them invested in the story and feeling right there in the moment.

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This is where Dallas artist Kenney comes in, the latest addition to the team at Altered State Productions. As a talented location sound mixer and boom operator with over five years of experience, Spencer is passionate about bringing a creative vision to life with sound. His attention to detail is sure to bring a new creative angle to future work at Altered State.

The agency boasts expertise in providing exceptional sound, music, and special effects (SFX) for various projects, highlighting the best of Dallas marketing and media production. The team caters to diverse industries, including film, video game, and podcast production, among others, which require professional audio services.

The company's seasoned audio engineers and composers collaborate to produce tailor-made tracks and soundscapes that align with the project's specific needs. Additionally, they offer a vast collection of pre-made music and SFX for instant use. Interested clients can explore the company's portfolio to get an idea of their capabilities. Altered State offers consultations to explore how they can leverage the power of sound to bring clients’ projects to life.

As a new addition, Spencer's portfolio spans the gamut, with credits that include major brands and publications such as eBay, JBW, SMU University, and CRWNMAG. He has also received recognition for his work at film festivals such as the LES Film Fest in NYC, Dallas Video Fest, Dallas International Film Fest, and KERA's Frame of Mind.

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For the Dallas-based sound artist, there's no greater satisfaction than seeing the audience fully immersed in the story, thanks in part to the work he's done behind the scenes. He takes pride in his ability to create a seamless, richly-textured soundscape that elevates the production's visual elements.

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Whether capturing the rustling of leaves in a park or the rush of city traffic, Spencer knows how to create a sense of place. He’s an expert on atmosphere, making the audience feel like they're right there in the moment. And his passion for sound extends beyond the studio and into his personal life - he's always seeking inspiration and experimenting with new techniques to push the boundaries of what's possible.

Spencer Kenney is a musician with ten years of teaching and performance experience. He has made significant contributions to the music world as a guitarist, pianist, and bassist in classical, jazz, and popular styles. Kenney has served as a guitar and piano teacher at Vibrant Sounds private lesson studio and as a preschool music teacher at Good Shepherd Episcopal School.

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As an artist, he has released several albums. Kenney’s titles include In The Thick of It (2015) and A Time for Everything (2020). As well as the album Adulthood in the Context of Total Noise (2016) which he released under the name Trai Bo. He has also worked as a music producer and songwriter for Lunar Rae's self-released album Otherside (2020) and played guitar on Cehryl's album Sorry, It's December 2022.

Kenney is proficient in Pro Tools, Ableton Live, and Logic Pro. He has also worked as a sound mixer and boom operator. His extensive artistry, music production, and teaching experience make him a versatile and accomplished professional in the industry.

If you're looking to create a truly immersive experience for your audience, look no further than Spencer Kenney at The Sound Shop by Altered State Productions. With their commitment to excellence, you can be sure that your project will be elevated to new heights. Leave a lasting impact on your audience and set a new standard for what's possible in the world of sound design.

The Sound Shop is now available. Shop for various audio services such as Sound Design | Foley | ADR | Music Composition | Music Editing | Mixing | Mastering | Audio Restoration | Voiceover Recording | Sound Library, and more.


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