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A Colorful Recovery

Project type

Video Editing


January 2024


Austin, TX


Don Ray, Colorist




Color correction for health and wellness brand

Our advanced Post-Production Studio, featuring a Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve Full Panel, is central to our color grading process, complemented by a Color Calibrated Broadcast Standard Preview Room to ensure the highest quality and satisfaction.

Utilizing custom LUTs, we tailored the color palette to match REVO™'s brand identity, emphasizing freshness, energy, and wellness. This step was crucial in setting the tone and mood across various media formats, creating a cohesive and recognizable look. Noise reduction played a key role in achieving crystal-clear imagery, eliminating distractions to focus solely on the product's benefits and lifestyle appeal. Through careful color replacements, we were able to accentuate key elements, ensuring they aligned with the brand's messaging and aesthetic values. Shot matching ensured consistency throughout the campaign, reinforcing the brand's identity and enhancing viewer engagement. Adjusted to maintain uniformity in lighting, contrast, and color balance, we provided a seamless viewing experience that embodied REVO™'s commitment to wellness.

Utilizing color correction and grading, we supercharged the brands videos with cinematic and unmatched color depth that is trusted by the world's leading brands and creatives.

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