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Welcome to the Virtual Office: Altered State Productions' Leap into Spatial

Updated: Mar 5

From cubicles to cyberspace, a daring media collective transforms work-life norm in Spatial's 3D universe. Their virtual office space, a vivid showcase of neon art and futuristic furniture, sets the stage for seamless software integrations, enhanced pre-production, and meticulous 3D rendering. The space is a visual testament to their cutting-edge approach.

Eddie Castillo, owner of Altered State Productions comes down circle staircase in immersive office

Some say, when Neil Armstrong took his first steps on the moon, it was more than just a man venturing onto a barren rock. It was humanity imprinting its will to explore onto an entirely new landscape.

A group of innovative minds has taken a leap that mirrors the astronauts' momentous step, yet in a different landscape. They've dared to consider: What if the confines of workplaces extended beyond concrete and cubicles, propelling us into a place where creativity is the workspace?

Transforming Workflows in a Virtual Office

Altered State Reviews the Product Marketing in virtual reality

Altered State Productions, an award-winning media production company, along with its marketing arm, has ventured into the realm of virtual reality by setting up its office in Spatial, an immersive 3D environment. This daring shift has revolutionized their workflow, communication, and collaborative dynamics.

In this virtual environment, team members use a variety of productivity tools to transform storyboard sketches into 3D models with a simple gesture, visualizing projects in real time. Meetings have evolved into interactive brainstorming sessions where ideas materialize in the digital ether evolving into vibrant, dynamic mind maps.

Traditional slideshow presentations have been replaced by interactive displays, providing a captivating experience for all participants.

Living the Virtual Office Experience

The Best of Altard State celebrates their most successful campaign in virual reality

Imagine stepping into Altered State Productions' virtual office. It's a typical day, with team members conversing, collaborating, and creating. You see one team member typing on a virtual keyboard. They’re working on a script on their virtual desktop as though it was their physical workspace. Another team member, halfway around the world, reaches out and orders a Starbucks venti caramel latte extra hot. A simple command in Spatial turns into a real-world delivery.

At Altered State Productions, the digital transformation extends even to their desk spaces. Their panoramic 360-degree virtual desks, an embodiment of futuristic workspace design, keep each member connected and productive. Notifications pop up as interactive holograms in their field of view, much like an Iron Man HUD display. Nothing goes unnoticed while also eliminating the clutter of a traditional workspace.

Eddie Castillo, Owner of Altered State Productions is in virtual office looking at media roster

This immersive office is characterized by the seamless integration of familiar collaboration tools. Slack, Figma, and Google Suite are all compatible with Spatial, enabling the team to transition effortlessly between tasks. One moment they're studying a Google My Business 3D map from SEMRUSH, the next, a simple command brings up a Figma file or Google Document, ready to be tweaked or edited. Concurrently, they're engaging in Slack discussions, standing next to the very product they're discussing.

The interplay between different software and the Spatial environment allows for a multi-modal collaboration experience that surpasses the possibilities of a traditional office setup. In this innovative virtual office, productivity isn't just about getting things done - it's also about experiencing and living the work.

Altered State Tattoo Artists circle around a future forward couch to discuss next steps

The office is as modern as it gets, with chic virtual furniture. Vibrant NFT art pieces adorning the walls reflect the cutting-edge ethos of the company. Altered State's logo is proudly displayed, along with those of its valued clients, creating a sense of identity and community within the virtual space.

The team is as distinctively stylish as the space they inhabit. The avatars wear vibrant, edgy streetwear that looks fresh off the runway—a creative flair that adds to the dynamic atmosphere of the office. Their attire mirrors the punchy, neon colors of the 3D interfaces, further accentuating the unique blend of technology and style that Altered State embodies.

Visualizing the Video Production Process

Oculus style Headset with neon purple

Then, something catches your eye.

It's a portal, beckoning you to step in. As you approach it, you see that it leads to a world where video production is being set up. It’s a commercial for an outdoor summer adventure. Imagine the production team gathered around a storyboard. Instead of leafing through sketches on paper or clicking through digital slides, they find themselves standing within the scenes they've sketched.

They experience the narrative, not as a two-dimensional abstraction, but as a living, breathing 3D universe.

The team can walk around, inspect details, and experience the spatial relationships between the characters and their environment. Discussions about camera angles, lighting, staging, and even the editing process become instantly more tangible and intuitive when they can see and manipulate the scene in real time.

Video Production Company near me and the studio film a commercial project

One of the major cost savers that Altered State Productions has found with Spatial is their ability to pre-visualize the setup of cameras, lighting, and talent before the production phase.

This process, in turn, dramatically reduces the time and average cost associated with trial and error on the day of the shoot.

Unlocking Savings using Virtual Production

Best Digital marketing Agency has virtual meeting at their office

Consider the testimonial from one of their recent clients, a high-profile hair care brand. The client needed a compelling video that would showcase their product range, requiring a complex setup with multiple camera angles, intricate lighting, and coordinated talent.

Altered State Productions began by importing a blueprint of the shoot location into their Spatial office. With this 3D model of the location, they could experiment with camera placements, adjust the lighting to complement the products and choreograph the movements of the models, all within the virtual space. The entire video production process was visualized before it began.

It was as if they were in the actual location, tweaking and optimizing the setup. They could see how the light bounced off the hair products, how the cameras captured the models from different angles, and how the movement of the talent flowed through the space.

Art Gallery in virtual Altered State Video Production Headquarters

When the shoot day came, they executed the plan with precision, saving considerable time and resources that would have otherwise gone into on-location adjustments. The client was thrilled with the efficiency of the process and the resulting video, crediting Spatial's pre-visualization capabilities as a crucial element of the project's success.

Moreover, this shift to Spatial has provided substantial financial benefits, with a 20% reduction in operational costs and videographer prices due to the absence of a physical office. Client engagement has also been positively impacted, with a 35% increase in client satisfaction scores. This is likely because clients can now be more actively involved in the creative process, experiencing their visions unfolding in the virtual space.

Immersive Marketing is explored with Altered State Productions Office in Spatial

"This is a game-changer for the production process”, Jordan, Altered State Productions Lead Videographer in Dallas, says, "What Altered State Productions achieved with Spatial not only saved us time and money but also resulted in a more polished final product.

The level of pre-visualization detail they provided was remarkable—it felt like we had already shot the video before we even arrived on set. This has set a new benchmark for what clients could expect from a production company."

Similarly, for the client, this is a boon. They can join the team in the Spatial office and interact with the custom 3D models as if they were physically present. They can point out modifications, approve changes, and even experience what their customers would when browsing the product on their website.

Redefining Workspace with 3D Innovation

Marketing software is on computer while artist explores the integrations

The virtual environment of Spatial becomes particularly advantageous when creating 3D designs for a client's e-commerce products. Rather than examining flat images of a product, the team can conjure up a 3D sketch in the virtual space. They can rotate it, dissect it, tweak its features, and get a real sense of its dimensions. It's akin to holding the actual product in their hands.

The impact of this virtual transformation has been remarkable. The team reported a 40% boost in productivity, due to eliminated commute times and the flexibility to access the workspace from anywhere in the world. The immersive aspect of Spatial has led to a 30% surge in creative output, indicating the potency of this collaborative space.

Altered State Digital Marketing Agency is in their office looking at a 3d design concept

The agency’s collective isn't just adopting VR technology within Spatial's 3D expanse. They're embodying it; redefining the blueprint of the modern workspace as an embodiment of resilience, adaptability, and tireless curiosity. Nestled amongst bold set designs and radiant digital masterpieces, their creative hub sparks productivity and fosters collaboration with seamless tech partnerships.

As we observe their journey, we are reminded that innovation doesn't merely mean using the latest tools; it means persistently pushing the boundaries and bravely stepping into a future not yet fully imagined. As they venture further into this unfamiliar terrain, they illuminate a path not just for themselves, but for anyone willing to embrace the future.

Altered State Productions office in virtual reality

They are, but humble explorers, driven by curiosity and an appetite for discovery, yet their footprints leave an everlasting mark on its landscape.


Altered State Productions is an award winning media production company and a rising marketing agency. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and a team of visionary experts, the collective harnesses cutting-edge technology, boundless imagination, and a relentless pursuit of excellence to create experiences that captivate audiences and drive impactful results.


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