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Demand for 3D Art Takes Off— New Shop Features & 2023 Software Picks

Updated: Jun 10

a graphic design service depicting toy car hand of astronaut


  • Today, we are launching 3D Modeling and Rendering Shop, a ready to shop service online that will allow Members who seek a convenient way to turn their concept into an ultra-vivid reality, and to then push culture forward through creative content online.

  • If you are interested in developing your 3D Design skill set but don't know where to start, we have listed our top 3D Design Software's.

  • We spoke to Roberto Barrientos, a legacy 3D artist who is working in the game and virtual space to reach a wider audience and amplify meaningful causes through digital art.

Indepth look into 3Dmodeling software showing how 3d asset building is done

The demand for 3D Design has exploded over the years and has been used in video games, films, e-commerce, and architecture.

3D Modeling is the creation of three-dimensional objects on a computer. It usually refers to creating objects that will be rendered as images or animations, using CAD software to manipulate points in virtual space. A decade or so ago, 3D modeling was considered a field that required expensive commercial software to get into.

3D module templates connecting 3D sculpting and texturing

If you naturally gravitate towards complex software, then not to worry, 3D modeling might come naturally. The main 3D Rendering specialized software on the market is still popular today— 3DS Max, Maya, V-Ray, Cinema 4D, Houdini, Substance Designer/Painter, Z-Brush, Unreal Engine 4, and Marmoset.

Blender, basically the only viable software that's completely free, existed back then but was far from the Blender that many of us know now.

3 Autodesk 3ds Max 3d modeling and rendering software

Top Pick for 3D Design

These tools help push concepts to a flawless product, but no software can ever do the work of a talented mind. A 3d artist plays with depth, focus, perspective, and range. They implement subtle yet profound anomalies that truly impress to simulate and stimulate a false reality. Hyperrealist artists seek to produce optically convincing visual illusions of reality as we know it, often in a context that speaks to larger social or cultural subjects. Hyperrealism is a notoriously difficult art style to pull off. It requires an extremely high level of technical prowess and a 3d rendering process in order to pull off 3d modeling & rendering.

3d rendering and animation of classic Floppy Disk

Floopy Disk Game Ready Asset created with 3DS Max and Substance Painter

According to the stats, Robert Barrientos is one of the most successful creators at Altered State Productions, especially if we were to count how many projects, he has executed that have yet to be showcased. He has worked in-house in the game industry to produce works such as Gorem Mech and Floppy Disk (game ready assets to market) and has been an outsource artist, art director, and design consultant since then.

Skillful in many facets of art including 3D modeling, concept design, graphics, rendering, texturing and lighting, Roberto Barrientos has reigned as a Legacy Artist in the 3D arena with Look Development Projects such as the Samsung VR Experience.

3d visualization rendering of Samsung Gear VR
3d rendering programs used to create Samsung Gear VR experience room

Samsung Gear VR Exhibit created with 3DS Max, V-Ray and Adobe Photoshop.

I was tasked with creating an original design for the Samsung Gear VR exhibit experience. For this exhibit I wanted to have a Big VR with an outer glow to draw the people's attention in from a distance. I wanted to keep using the glow effect around the top portion to draw the viewer's eye across the whole exhibit. In the exhibit there would be a sale's section and 2 areas for people to have the Samsung Gear VR experience.
expanded Gear box
samsung products

For those seeking a convenient service in ordering 3D Models and Renders online for their brand or product, Altered State Productions has debuted their 3D Work and 3D Art Services feature, where members can customize and Shop 3D Projects at the click of a button.


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