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Giphy x Pin to Win

The Interactive Design Game with Hidden Backlinks

Eye-catching GIFs: The hidden gem of free SEO strategies for enhanced online visibility.
Giphy, a popular online platform for creating and sharing GIFs, has become an increasingly valuable tool for brands looking to boost their off-site SEO, such as the Pin To Win.

Valyou' Engagement Boosts Hits Record High

Valyōu Furniture, an e-commerce powerhouse with four physical locations, experienced heightened brand recognition in proximity to its physical stores. To expand this recognition nationwide, it has actively pursued digital marketing strategies over the past half-decade.


Valyōu Furniture aimed to optimize its content and SEO strategy to increase brand visibility and drive traffic to its website, especially in areas beyond its brick-and-mortar stores' vicinities.


Altered State Productions formulated a content strategy deeply rooted in meticulous SEO analysis. An interactive social media game was created, compatible across Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok platforms, as an innovative means to engage users. To enhance discoverability, unique animated stickers were developed through Giphy, embedded with a mix of brand-specific and relevant keywords identified through comprehensive SEO analysis via Semrush.


The SEO-driven content strategy produced notable results. As users interacted with the game, social media engagement soared. Crucially, the SEO-optimized stickers resulted in high-quality backlinks, leading to improved website SEO. Over the two-week period of the game's run, Valyōu Furniture witnessed a remarkable 50% surge in sales, demonstrating the power of well-executed content and SEO strategies in boosting e-commerce performance.

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