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Sanitation Device 3D Packaging Design Mock-Up

Project Type



March 2019


Dallas, TX, USA


Altered State Productions

Project type

3D Modeling & Rendering


Sanitation Device 3D Packaging Design Mock-Up

The key to successful ecommerce adspot creation lies in meticulous craftsmanship and technological finesse. Altered State Productions embraced this ethos in their project for REVO™ Smart Jogger.

The REVO™ Smart Jogger, a paradigm of fitness technology, served as the centerpiece of this endeavor. The project began with a deep dive into the product, understanding its unique selling points to ensure accurate and engaging representation.

Employing top-tier video editing services, the team at Altered State Productions harnessed the power of Premiere Pro and After Effects to construct a narrative that was both visually compelling and informative. This content creation process was not just about stitching scenes together; it involved refining every detail, from color grading to sound design, ensuring that each aspect of the ad resonated with potential customers.

The result was a polished, professional ecommerce adspot that not only highlighted the features of the REVO™ Smart Jogger but also encapsulated the essence of the product in a way that was both engaging and persuasive. This project stands as a testament to Altered State Productions' dedication to excellence in post-production services and their commitment to elevating the standards of digital advertising in the ecommerce sector.

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