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5-In-One Skin Care

Project Type

Commercial Video Production


April 2024


Las Vegas, NV, USA


Mary Murphy, Model
Stephanie Williams, Model
Brooke De Soto, Model
Thais Viera, Model
Brian Medina, Producer
Eddie Castillo, Director
Domenique Comparetto, Writer
Derek Richbell, Videographer & Audio


Commercial for 5-In-One Skin Care Wand

Experience the future of skincare with the Reviver, a groundbreaking skin renewal system designed by Spacetouch. This state-of-the-art device seamlessly integrates microneedling, EMS therapy, red LED light therapy, serum infusion, and a soothing nano mist feature to deliver a comprehensive skincare routine from the comfort of your home. The infomercial highlights authentic testimonials from skincare professionals and real users who share their transformative experiences, emphasizing the device's impact on enhancing skin health and boosting personal confidence.

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