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A Breakthrough In Skincare

Project Type

Video Editing | Ecommerce Adspot


April 2024


Las Vegas, NV, USA


Eddie Castillo, Creative Director
Brian Medina, Video Editor
Butter LA, Videography & Production




Ecommerce Advertising Spot for health and beauty brand.

Altered State Productions provided video editing and postproduction services for Spacetouch, focusing on creating a 30-second commercial for the Reviver, a ground breaking facial device designed for red light therapy, EMS therapy and micro needling treatments. The goal was to produce an advertisement that would increase sales, engagement, and brand awareness for the new product.

Spacetouch aimed to generate more sales, increase engagement, and enhance brand awareness with the release of their new product, "R E V I V E R" They faced challenges in creating content that effectively converts viewers into customers.

Altered State Productions adopted a creative approach to meet the project's objectives. The team utilized Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing, After Effects for creating 3D titles and motion graphics including the use of the Roto Brush tool for unique visual effects, Davinci Resolve for color grading, Adobe Express for graphic titles, and Artlist for selecting the perfect music for the final cut.

The project delivered two ad spots: a primary 30-second video and a secondary 15-second version, both in a 4x5 aspect ratio. These videos were designed for CTV and advertising purposes, showcasing the Revivers' features in an engaging manner.

The result was a sleek and professional ecommerce advertisement that effectively highlighted the features of the Reviver. This project demonstrates Altered State Productions' commitment to cinematic style and creative edge in post-production services, playing a significant role in enhancing digital advertising for ecommerce.

This project demonstrates the critical impact of detailed video editing on achieving specific marketing outcomes. By skillfully enhancing visual storytelling and employing targeted editing techniques, the team transformed footage into a compelling narrative. This approach not only met Spacetouch's objective of increasing sales and engagement but also set a new standard for creating content that resonates with the audience.

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