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Stretch Your Potential with REVO™

Project type

Video Editing | Ecommerce Adspot


January 2024


Los Angeles, CA


Cynthia, Talent
Wolves LA, Videography & Production
Eddie Castillo, Video Editor
Jordan Alford, Video Editor
Don Ray, Colorist




Ecommerce Advertising Spot for Massage Device

Altered State Productions brings to life the e-commerce video ad campaign for The Pill by REVO™, showcasing Cynthia, a devoted yoga practitioner, as she incorporates the massage device into her wellness regimen. In this series of Facebook ads, we see Cynthia utilize the compact massage gun to enhance her flexibility, soothe her muscles post-practice, and invite a deeper sense of relaxation into her cool-down sessions. Through Cynthia's testimonial video, Altered State Productions emphasizes the versatility of The Pill, positioning it as an essential asset for those who embrace a mindful and active lifestyle.

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