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The winning formula for 3D packaging design is with humankind in mind. Altered State Productions took on the project of the 3D packaging mock-up for 'The Mister'.

The Mister is a medical-grade device that instantly diffuses sanitizing liquid into nanoparticles for long-lasting protection against bacteria, pathogens, and viruses on surfaces, the body, and the air you breathe.

By first conceptualizing the design, followed by the drafting of detailed wireframe sketches for foundational representation. The use of polygonal modeling, UV mapping, and advanced shader applications ensured Pandmedic's products resonated with realism and intricate detail. With tools like Blender and Autodesk 3ds Max, high-resolution imagery was incorporated into detailed 3D renderings, ensuring each pixel met print-quality standards and was broadcast-ready. The intensive texturing phase further enhanced depth and realism. As a critical step in the process, the post-design phase optimized and structured source files, paving the way for a smooth transition from digital design to tangible product. This project, upon completion, stood as a testament to Altered State's dedication to precision, craftsmanship, and technology integration.

Altered State Productions took the art of 3D design a step further by bringing static models to life. Embracing the power of motion graphics, they transformed these models into vibrant 4K video assets. These high-definition visuals were not just aesthetic enhancements but were strategically developed for a range of applications, from advertising campaigns and website integrations to customer care interfaces. The choice of 4K ensured unparalleled clarity and depth, making each interaction with these assets a rich and immersive experience for the viewers. This move epitomized Altered State's commitment to not only design but also to delivering comprehensive digital solutions that resonate across various platforms.

This is how Altered State Productions does brand packaging– every box is a story, every design an emotion, and every project– a labor of love.

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March 2019


Dallas, TX, USA


Altered State Productions

Project type

3D Modeling & Rendering


Sanitation Device 3D Packaging Design Mock-Up

Sanitation Device 3D Packaging Design Mock-Up

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