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Altering Tomorrow Art Direction

The art direction for Altered State Productions’ branding leverages a sophisticated palette of dark tones, providing a stark canvas that accentuates the vibrant neon colors used as accents. This contrast is deliberate, engineered to draw the eye and evoke a sense of cutting-edge modernity. The use of neon serves not only as a visual stimulant but also functions to guide the user experience, highlighting key areas of interaction and navigation within the branding material.

Technical proficiency in color theory is on display, balancing the depth and serenity of dark backgrounds against the energetic bursts of neon to create a dynamic visual hierarchy. This approach ensures that key branding elements are both visually prominent and memorable, fostering brand recognition. The deliberate use of luminance within the dark-neon dichotomy adds a layer of sophistication to the overall branding, suggesting a brand that is both bold and innovative.

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