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Barbie's Branding Studio

Project Type



August 2023


Las Vegas, NV


Domenique Comparetto




Altered State Productions

Altered State Productions embraced the trending Barbie movie marketing phenomenon by transforming their entire interface to reflect the film's iconic aesthetic. This shift included updating their profile photos, email signatures, and logos to feature Barbie's signature pink, purple, and iridescent shimmer. This strategic move was part of a broader campaign that resonated deeply with audiences, making a mark in the realm of engagement advertising. The approach went beyond traditional advertising, leveraging strategic collaborations and partnership marketing to create a buzz around the movie.

The Barbie-themed marketing strategy extended to various platforms, with Altered State Productions joining in the cultural conversation by integrating these vibrant, playful colors and themes into their daily operations. Their commitment to this theme demonstrated a keen understanding of current trends and audience engagement. This initiative was not just about aesthetics; it was a nod to the movie's marketing success, which had become a trendsetter. The Barbie movie's marketing strategy, characterized by its bold colors and shimmering visuals, had successfully tapped into a cultural zeitgeist, prompting a wide array of brands, including Altered State Productions, to adopt a Barbie-inspired look as a symbol of contemporary, trend-aware marketing.

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