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Artist Portrait #286

Project Type



August 2023


Dallas, TX


Portrait Photography


Jeremy Armond Johnson

What is real? How do you define real? This thought-provoking question captures the essence of the portrait photography collection, which blends artistic expression with themes of futurism and intensity. The photos are designed to evoke strong emotional responses through the use of dramatic lighting and vibrant colors. The talent is captured in various poses and settings, bathed in a blend of red and blue light that creates a powerful visual impact.

Green lasers juxtaposed with the red light add a dynamic and post-modern noir atmosphere, emphasizing the talent's intensity and presence. The collection is tense and evocative, capturing unique moments of introspection and emotion.

The dramatic lighting and vibrant colors in this collection also pay homage to certain iconic imagery from the Wachowski brothers' The Matrix trilogy. The use of red and blue light is reminiscent of the red and blue pills, while the green lasers evoke themes of breaking free and bending time. This artistic direction creates a visually striking narrative that blends modern aesthetics with elements of classic sci-fi themes, resulting in a collection that is both original and deeply impactful.

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