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Skincare E-commerce Photography Series

Project Type



April 2024


Las Vegas, NV


Product Ecommerce Photography


Derek Richbell, Photographer
Eddie Castillo, Editor

This portfolio project highlights the expertise in e-commerce photography through a detailed series of images capturing The Reviver, a facial skincare device. The focus was on producing high-quality e-commerce product photography that showcases the device’s details with clarity and precision, essential for online retail success. Utilizing a clean white backdrop, the photographs include a variety of shots: the product with different interchangeable magnetic headpieces (EMS, Red Light, and microneedling), close-ups of the device’s craftsmanship and buttons, and compositions featuring the product alongside its packaging and accessories. Standalone shots of the serum were also included to emphasize its significance.

The technical aspects of this project involved using a Canon camera paired with a 75-300 mm lens to achieve detailed and sharp images. A three-point lighting setup was employed, using Godox and Nanlite lights to ensure even and flattering illumination of the product. Post-production editing was carried out in Lightroom to enhance the final images, ensuring they are clean, professional, and visually appealing. This project demonstrates the critical role of professional e-commerce photography in enhancing product presentation and marketability, showcasing the skills and techniques that drive successful online sales.

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