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Total Facial Skincare Lifestyle Photography

Project Type



April 2024


Las Vegas, NV


Product Lifestyle Ecommerce Photography


Derek Richbell, Photographer
Eddie Castillo, Editor

Highlighting a dynamic and engaging series of lifestyle e-commerce images, this project showcases The Reviver, a cutting-edge facial skincare device. Featuring models in real-life scenarios, the photographs capture both the product in use and the brand's accessories, emphasizing their practicality and appeal. Additionally, the models showcased the brand's accessories, further enhancing the visual appeal and providing a comprehensive look at the product range.

The technical execution involved using a Canon camera with a 75-300 mm lens to capture the models and products in natural, flattering light. The use of both Godox and Nanlite lights in a three-point lighting setup ensured that each shot was perfectly illuminated, bringing out the best features of the models and the product. Post-production editing in Lightroom was utilized to refine the images, enhancing their professional quality. This project demonstrates the importance of lifestyle e-commerce photography in creating a connection with the audience, making the product feel accessible and desirable. By combining technical skill with creative vision, these images effectively highlight the versatility and appeal of The Reviver and its accessories in everyday use.

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