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Lakeside Glow


September 2023


Grapevine, TX

Project type

Fashion Photography,
Boudoir Photography


Swimsuit Photoshoot


Taylor Middleton

As a wave crashes against the shoreline, the talent remains calm and composed, showcasing confidence and natural beauty. This collection of swimsuit and boudoir photography showcases the talent against the dramatic backdrop of rocky shores and azure waters. Using a prime lens with wide apertures, the images achieve a soft bokeh that isolates the subject while maintaining sharp detail. Natural lighting accentuates the body's contours, highlighting strength and grace in each pose. The vibrant colors result from precise exposure control and white balance, blending the natural hues of the environment with the subject’s swimwear.

Incorporating water and rocky textures adds a tactile quality, showcasing the subject's versatility and the skill in working with natural elements. A polarizing filter reduces glare and enhances color saturation, bringing out deep blues and rich earth tones. Ideal for fashion editorials, advertising, and social media marketing.

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