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Vivitar Ring Light

Project Type



September 2023


Dallas, TX


Product Packaging Photography


Commercial photography series for Vivitar's Dual-Sided Full Color Ring Light showcases the product's versatility and appeal. The direction was to highlight the ring light in different settings, emphasizing its ability to enhance user experiences. From a gamer immersed in his setup, with the ring light casting a colorful glow that complements the neon hues of his screens to a young woman using the ring light to illuminate her workspace, adding brightness and professionalism to her video calls. Several portraits show models posing with the ring light, its colors creating dynamic and artistic lighting effects. The backgrounds are filled with vivid colors, from soft pastels to bold, saturated tones, demonstrating the ring light’s capacity to set a mood and enhance visual aesthetics.

The commercial photography and graphic design for the product packaging were completed to ensure the Dual-Sided Full Color Ring Light stood out on the shelves. Sold in Walmart stores nationwide, this project underscores the product’s market appeal and accessibility. The vibrant, energetic photos highlight the product’s features and its ability to fit seamlessly into a modern, creative lifestyle. This approach to product presentation and packaging design effectively attracts consumers and enhances brand visibility in the competitive retail environment.

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