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Vivitar Sunset + Rainbow Lamp

Project Type



September 2023


Dallas, TX


Product Photography,
Portrait Photography


Janine Czajka

This photography series highlights the stunning effects of Vivitar's Sunset and Rainbow Lamp, a versatile lighting solution perfect for creating a unique ambiance. Vivitar's Sunset Lamp is a small tabletop light equipped with colorful LED bulbs that cast a yellow-orange circle of light onto nearby surfaces. Its adjustable head allows users to project light onto walls, ceilings, or floors, creating a dynamic environment.

The series opens with a powerful image of the talent framed by shimmering light, casting a blend of blues and pinks that enhance the subject's features. Subsequent shots feature the talent posed against dynamic backgrounds, with the lamp’s light creating soft gradients and dramatic shadows. This interplay of colors emphasizes the subject's grace and presence, making each portrait a unique work of art.

With features like USB-powered spotlight, five sunset color effects, an adjustable mount and stand, and an included USB power cable, the Vivitar Sunset Lamp is perfect for enhancing any space. These photos are ideal for product marketing, social media campaigns, and packaging design, effectively showcasing the lamp's ambiance and aesthetic appeal.

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