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Dream Vanity Product Launch

Project Type

Product Video Production


February 2020


Honolulu, HI


Eddie Castillo, Cina Luks, Kyle Smigelski, Kayla Tinnel




Dream Vanity

Our video production merges elements of daily lifestyle and vanity product visuals, showcasing a product in the beauty industry. The clear top pull-out drawers house all your beauty essentials with plenty of drawers and storage for everything else. ⁠⠀
The Dream Mirror includes numerous tech features including a built-in Bluetooth speaker to jam out to your favorite songs or call your bestie, dimmable lights, and warm or cool light settings for the perfect day/night makeup, all in a touch screen built into the mirror. ⁠⠀

Co-produced with social media and beauty influencer Kayla to launch and promote the Dream Vanity Mirror. The Oahu-based social media influencer expresses her utmost appreciation for the product as it helps her blast her favorite songs or motivational podcasts while she dolls herself up and gets ready to captivate the hearts of her 308,000 followers on Instagram. “The Dream Vanity Mirror uplifts my mood and makes me feel like an unstoppable baddie.”

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