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Silicon Soundtrack


Soundtrack Album Distribution


January 2024


Los Angeles, CA


Produced by: Matthew Ricklefs
Directed by: Eddie Castillo
Sound Designer: Juno Complex

Project Type

Sound Design


Altered State Productions

From the Motion Picture: Silicon, the audio project stands as a somber, melodramatic, and hypnotic soundtrack that offers an immersive dive into the heart of Silicon Valley. This cinematic electronic album captures the nuanced highs and lows of the tech world, drawing listeners into a realm where innovation pulses at the core of its existence.

The sound palette of the album is a meticulously crafted blend of ambient electronic sounds and real-world noises that evoke the unique environment of Silicon Valley. Each track combines the serene flow of data streams with the vibrant energy of startup culture, incorporating sounds like keyboard clicks, electronic beeps, cooling fans, and the subtle buzz of fluorescent lights. This fusion creates a sound experience that is both relaxing and engaging, designed to evoke a sense of relaxation and inspire the listener.

To ensure that "Secrets in Silicon" reaches its intended audience and achieves its potential, a detailed distribution and monetization plan is essential. The album will be made available across over 50 digital stores and streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and IHeart. Leveraging UPC and ISRC codes, the strategy will allow for efficient tracking and royalty collection, empowering the creators to retain full copyright ownership and maximize earnings. This approach not only promises global accessibility but also enables the album to serve as a valuable resource for content creators in need of tech-themed ambient sounds, facilitating both relaxation and inspiration through its unique sound palette.

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