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Star-Powered Glow: A Celebrity Endorsement

Project Type

Testimonial Video Production


March 2019


Dallas, TX, USA


Producer, Hebert Huerta
Talent, Melissa Valdez




Celebrity Endorsement of Light Therapy Device

Created by

In a testimonial video for a luxury skincare brand, Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Melissa Valdez’s noticeable scar catches your eye. Set against a luxe, tech-glamor spa-themed backdrop, Valdez, in a polished dress, initially highlights the brand’s sophistication. But a knee-height camera angle emphasizes her scar, blending her high-end appearance with a symbol of athletic resilience. This powerful visual contrast showcases the skincare product’s real-world effectiveness, enhancing the testimonial’s authenticity and relatability. Sometimes, it’s the unfiltered moments—fears, dreams, excitement, and even embarrassing stories—that truly resonate and make the story hit home.

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