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From Lost Files to Branding Sounds: Altered State Productions Debuts Immersive Podcast

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

Altered State Productions, a leading creative agency, has just launched an immersive new podcast, Echoes of Influence: A Blender Podcast. This captivating journey into the world of media production, commercials, brands, and film is set to explore how we perceive and understand these industries. 

Podcast cover image featuring Juno Complex with back turned looking out over a city.

Echoes of Influence, written by Altered State Production’s Content Director, Domenique Comparetto, and produced by Eddie Castillo, Juno Complex, and Vigilantes Radio, is a deep dive into the complex intersection of business and art, taking listeners through a mind-bending experience with sound.

The powerful new podcast explores the multifaceted world of media production, commercials, brand insights, film history, and creative trends. Audiences are immersed in a thought-provoking experience characterized by investigative interviews, rich soundscapes, carefully curated music, and special effects (SFX).

The debut episode, "It Sounds Complex", follows the compelling journey of musical artist JunoComplex, who, despite severe memory loss, has rediscovered himself as an artist.  Simultaneously, the episode seamlessly weaves in the concept of Sonic Branding, unraveling how companies create memorable audio logos, jingles, and soundscapes.  As the narrative unfolds, the episode pulls back the curtain on the history and psychological reasoning behind the iconic sounds that define our favorite brands, setting the stage for deeper understandings in episodes to come.

Listeners will be transported by the rich soundscape and intense narratives, each episode offering a wealth of industry insights and trends through investigative interviews. Expect to be challenged and inspired as the show explores how sound influences branding and impacts our daily choices.

Album art for Juno Complex showing the distorted image of an open mouth, and sound mixing equipment, as well as a woman's face.

This venture is more than an exploration of the booming podcasting world. It's an affirmation of the unique blend of creativity and strategic thinking that Altered State Productions brings to the table. As artists first, they have leveraged their storytelling expertise and audience engagement strategies to produce captivating, syndicated content. The podcast showcases the intricate processes of recording, editing, and mixing, framed with original music, striking audio cameos, and immersive effects.

Previously recognized for their punchy and splashy visual media, Altered State Productions is now applying their creative edge to a new medium, demonstrating their ability to transform soundwaves into captivating auditory art. This endeavor embodies the duality of Altered State Productions: savvy marketers with an artistic core.

Crash dummy floating in mid air visual effect

"We're incredibly proud of Echoes of Influence and believe it offers unique value to listeners interested in the nexus of art, business, and media," said Domenique Comparetto. "We hope to provide an accessible platform for listeners to engage with the complex world of Audio Branding, and how it influences their daily lives."

The team behind Echoes of Influence is committed to delivering compelling content to leaders across industries, equipping them with valuable recommendations and insights to drive success. Join us for this enthralling journey into sound and influence.

Echoes of Influence: A Blender Podcast is now available on major podcast platforms, including Spotify, iTunes, IHeart Radio, and leading streaming networks. 


Altered State Productions is an award-winning creative services agency celebrated for its work in media production, branding, and advertising. The agency is dedicated to crafting immersive experiences that challenge, inspire, and transform audiences. 


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