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The Meaning Behind Altered State's Branding Colors

Updated: Jun 10

Every hue tells a story, and every shade shapes a brand's soul. For years, Altered State Productions has been the creative edge behind dozens of iconic brand identities. But when it came time to brand themselves, the challenge was deeply personal.

A digital billboard for Altered State Productions set in a night time cityscape.

How do you illustrate the passion and purpose of production using only color? It’s like translating emotions into a visual language. The award-winning agency met this challenge head-on, creating a vibrant, expressive palette that reflects the inner purpose and the reason why Altered State Productions was born— to create.

Dallas production company Altered State features a striking, dark, and splashy visual identity created by their own talent. The branding, with its neon hues, sharp typefaces, and emblematic logo, results in a uniquely vibrant and eccentric look.

Their innovative color concept seamlessly bridges vibrant green, blue, and orange with softer tones and grey. These bold colors highlight the agency's energetic and forward-thinking nature, while the softer tones add a touch of sophistication. The sharp typefaces and distinctive logo emphasize their modern approach, making their visual identity as compelling and unique as the projects they produce.

Beyond aesthetics, the symbolic and emotional meaning of these colors holds the deepest significance Altered State has ever created for any brand.

Brand color example, Spatial Black.

The brand's canvas starts with the depth of onyx black, a hue that merges effortlessly with the natural world. This profound emptiness allows the voices of their work to shine, contrasting brilliantly against the backdrop. Spatial Black represents the artists and the production behind the scenes, embodying the essence of "Our Sight." It symbolizes how being in the background allows one to truly see and illuminate the light of their work, capturing the beauty and depth of their creative sight. To be an artist, one must step back and let the art take center stage.

Brand color example, Celadon.

Flecks of pale neon green emulate the first glimmers of an innovative dawn. These accents of bioluminescence in the profound depths of creativity dare to thrive in the vastness of Spatial Black. Shy of their own allure, they provide just enough light to intrigue and captivate. Representing electrifying innovation, this glow symbolizes the growth and new ideas that spring into the team's synergies from innovators and dreamers—this is Your Vision.

These vibrant ideas embody the dreams and bold aspirations of those whose visions have fallen from the ether, lightning-charged and electrified, waiting to be captured in a bottle.

Brand color example, Iris.

An electric blue serves as the alien lullaby, holding a steady synth that subtly hypnotizes. This hue carries an energy that draws us into a future beyond our imagination. It pulls us forward, like an ethereal, almost inorganic wave. Casting reflections and refracting light, it intensifies the scene with a fusion of clarity and mystery. It’s a spectral guide, inviting us into the enigma of what lies beyond.

Brand color example, Pale White.

Subtle strands of pale white, like words etched in stone, form the unbroken thread tying this colorful palette together. It's a testament to a commitment to authentic storytelling. This white is the bedrock of truth, the justice and purity of knowledge and facts behind their creative work. It’s the clarity that gives meaning and the structure that shapes their storytelling. Just as black is their sight, white is their insight—illuminating the essential truth that guides every artistic expression. It’s the foundation of honesty and understanding that makes their art profoundly real.

Brand color example, Violet.

Vibrant pulses of deep, bright purple swirl amidst this tableau, symbolizing the core of the agency's being. This original essence persists even as they stride into the future, reminding the team to embrace their own unique personas. It's a tribute to the unchanging identity and perspective within each artist, a constant amidst evolution and growth.

Brand color example, Core Discovery.

Intense strokes of scarlet, orange blaze boldly against the starry canvas. The fiery comet glows as a magnet pulling, igniting the spark of curiosity and conversation. The call to action resounds in the neon invitation to the spectacle they curate. It demands attention, drawing the eye and heart closer. It stands proud and fiery, a guiding light leading to exploration and discovery.

As the viewer moves with the chromatic, they are reminded that art is a dialogue, a harmony composed of many voices—the agency's, their partners', their audience's, and yours. This palette represents not just the brand direction but also a collective journey and the shared dreams of the team. It signifies a mission to continue pushing boundaries, breaking molds, and living within their own philosophy.

It assures the team that in the labyrinth of imagination, every shadow holds a story, every hue a heartbeat.

Altered State Productions' brand colors displayed on a bench integrated into a wall.

At Altered State Productions, it is understood that being a part of a collective “our sight” is

not just an act of trust, but a leap of faith, a testament to the power of creativity and hope. The team also reminds the world that creating art is a calling, and fulfilling this calling is their greatest masterpiece.


About Altered State Productions

Altered State Productions, a leading design agency, specializes in developing brand identities, color schemes, and messaging that ensure brands are bold and leave a vibrant mark.


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