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Isometric Home: Times Square Billboard

Project Type

Branding / Display Advertising


December 2025


Dallas, TX


Eddie Castillo, Media Director | Bryan Baldemar - Graphic Designer




Valyou Furniture

During the peak of Black Friday shopping frenzy, an innovative out of home billboard display took over Times Square, capturing the attention of over 700,000 daily passersby. The campaign featured a striking isometric design that creatively illustrated furniture items emerging seamlessly from a smartphone, symbolizing the ease and speed of ordering through the featured company's app.

Set against the vibrant backdrop of Times Square, the billboard stood out with its dynamic 3D visuals, giving the illusion of furniture pieces literally stepping out into the real world. This visual metaphor effectively communicated the message of quick, hassle-free delivery right to the customer's door. The design's clever use of perspective and bold, eye-catching graphics made it a standout display in one of the world's most bustling commercial hubs.

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