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Educational Media With Ego


Master Barber Men's Hair Cut Tutorial Video


March 2019


Dallas, TX, USA


Hebert Huerta, Eddie Castillo

Project Type

Instructional Video Production

Dallas Blends Barber Academy and Ego Barbers combine their expertise to deliver exceptional educational media. We meticulously capture every detail, from the precision of each cut to the stunning final transformations, all expertly enhanced through advanced post-production techniques. Our commitment goes beyond being a mere guide for aspiring barbers; it's a showcase of the artistry and intricacy embedded in the craft of barbering.

Our online instructional guide spans a wide spectrum of topics, ranging from technical tips to insights on barbering competitions and step-by-step how-tos. Designed to be accessible from any location, it engages and educates students from diverse backgrounds, making learning an enriching and interactive experience. This project is a testament to our dedication to creating instructional videos that not only impart knowledge but also captivate audiences, highlighting the immense potential of well-executed instructional video production.

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