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Our instructional video production for Dallas Blends Barber Academy and Ego Barbers immerses viewers in the meticulous world of master barbers Joel Huerta and Harry Karolis. Every detail, from the precision of the cut to the final transformation, is expertly captured and enhanced through sophisticated post-production techniques. More than just a guide for aspiring barbers, this production showcases the artistry and complexity inherent in the craft of barbering. This project illustrates our commitment to creating instructional videos that not only educate but also captivate audiences, underscoring the potential of well-executed instructional video production.

Project Type

Instructional Video Production


March 2019


Dallas, TX, USA


Hebert Huerta, Eddie Castillo

Project type

Video Production


Master Barber Harry Karolis Demonstrates Skill, Precision, & Technique

Ego Blends Instructional

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