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Our lifestyle-based instructional video for 'Nova', a cutting-edge light therapy device, emphasizes relatable, home-setting visuals. This approach not only simplifies the device's usage but also encourages its incorporation into daily routines. The video is designed as a visual journey demonstrating the ease of integrating 'Nova' into everyday life, from unpacking to adjustment of settings, and its use in a self-care regimen. The video underscores that the advanced light therapy technology is not only accessible but also easily usable at home. As a testament to the product's user-friendliness, this video makes 'Nova' an appealing addition to at-home skincare routines, demonstrating our innovative blend of lifestyle imagery and instructional content.

Project Type

Instructional Video Production


February 2021


Las Vegas, CA


Eddie Castillo





Easy to Use from Home Video Instructional

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