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LED Motion Graphic Titles


HD VFX & Overlays


April 2023


Las Vegas, CA


Eddie Castillo

Project Type

Motion Graphics

In this project, we've married technology and beauty through imaginative use of After Effects and Cinema 4D, crafting mesmerizing titles and text animations that succinctly narrate the compelling story of the advanced skincare device. Our motion graphics, interweaving through the four distinct wavelengths of light and thermal heating, mirror the sophistication of the product, developed by leading plastic surgeons and powered by NASA's infrared technology. Collaborating with scientists and engineers, we've brought the narrative alive through striking visuals and dynamic animations, pushing the boundaries of traditional title design to create a visual feast. This portfolio piece demonstrates our innovative fusion of design, technology, and storytelling through the art of motion graphics. Explore our portfolio to witness how we harness the power of technology to create captivating visual narratives.

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