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Junocomplex Portrait Photography: Capturing Musical Essence in Dallas

Project Type



September 2019


Dallas, TX


Eddie Castillo, Junocomplex

Project type

Portrait Photography


Musician Photoshoot

Music and portraiture meet where souls radiate their passion. Altered State Productions had the honor of capturing this intersection through a portrait photoshoot for Junocomplex, a rising musician based in Dallas.

Junocomplex isn't just another name in the music scene; he embodies the contemporary rhythms and harmonies Dallas has come to love. It was essential to mirror this uniqueness and character in every snapshot. Each portrait aimed to tell a story, convey a rhythm, and encapsulate the spirit of Junocomplex's music.

With careful planning and an understanding of the musician's persona, each shot was framed to echo the layers and depth found in his tracks. Leveraging high-grade equipment and seasoned photography techniques, the lighting and angles were adjusted to bring out the nuances that make Junocomplex distinctive.

But Altered State Productions didn't stop at just capturing stills. Recognizing the power of post-production, each image underwent a detailed editing process. Filters, effects, and color grading were fine-tuned to make sure every photo resonated with the raw emotion and dynamism that Junocomplex brings to his audience.

This collaboration resulted in a collection that's more than just photos; it's a visual anthology of a musician's journey, passion, and artistry. This is how Altered State Productions captures musicians - where every frame sings a note, every photograph tells a story, and every project becomes a symphony of visuals and emotions.

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