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Editorial Swimwear x Luxury Furniture Photography

Project Type



Septemeber 2020


Waimea, HI, USA


Eddie Castillo, Cina Luks, Kyle Smigelski

Project type

Brand Photography


Luxury Furniture and Swimwear Influencer Photoshoot

Set against the untouched beauty of Waimea, our team orchestrated a high-end editorial product photoshoot, emphasizing the Lemons and Me teak wood furniture collection alongside a curated selection of luxury swimwear. Every frame accentuated the intricate craftsmanship of the Lemons and Me collection, juxtaposing its timeless essence with the sleek contours of high-end swimwear. Intertwined with this visual narrative, we strategically engaged with influencers, capturing high-grade photos tailored to their audiences. This fusion of influencer marketing with elite photography was designed not only to magnify the brand's reach but also to encourage organic sharing on social platforms, merging traditional craftsmanship with the contemporary language of digital influence.

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