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Echos Of Influence Podcast | Ep. 1: It Sounds Complex


Sound Design for Podcast Production


April 2023


Dallas, TX


Vigilantes Radio Live, Eddie Castillo, Domenique Comparetto, Junocomplex

Project Type

Content Media


Juno Complex

Echoes of Influence, written by Altered State Production’s Content Director, Domenique Comparetto, and produced by Eddie Castillo, Juno Complex, and Vigilantes Radio, is a deep dive into the complex intersection of business and art, taking listeners through a mind-bending experience with sound.

The powerful new podcast explores the multifaceted world of media production, commercials, brand insights, film history, and creative trends. Audiences are immersed in a thought-provoking experience characterized by investigative interviews, rich soundscapes, carefully curated music, and special effects (SFX).

The debut episode, "It Sounds Complex", follows the compelling journey of musical artist JunoComplex, who, despite severe memory loss, has rediscovered himself as an artist. Simultaneously, the episode seamlessly weaves in the concept of Sonic Branding, unraveling how companies create memorable audio logos, jingles, and soundscapes. As the narrative unfolds, the episode pulls back the curtain on the history and psychological reasoning behind the iconic sounds that define our favorite brands, setting the stage for deeper understandings in episodes to come.

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