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Valyou Unboxed SFX Sound Monetization


SFX Album Distribution


January 2024


Los Angeles, CA


Produced by: Cristian Mercado
Directed by: Eddie Castillo
Sound Designer: Charlie Flint

Project Type

Sound Design


Valyou Furniture

Sound Design: Inspired by the packaging and fulfillment of Valyou Furniture products, our initiative was to create what that could sound like. Close your eyes. Now, surround yourself by the soft, subtle noise of tape unwinding, mixed with the sharp and satisfying snips of straps. The rustle of foam and bubble wrap, tactile layer, cardboard slicing through. Gentle ambiance fills the room- through a collection of sounds— an ASMR sound effect experience. This is an invitation to escape and surround oneself with the soothing feel-good sensation of revealing something new and beautiful. This is "Valyou Unboxed". The sound design for "Valyou Unboxed" features unique assets crafted to elevate the sound design field. The quintessence of ASMR triggers: Each sound was carefully edited and mixed to ensure a hair-raising, tingle-inducing experience, designed to trigger sleep and relaxation.

Distribution and Monetization: "Valyou Unboxed" has been submitted to over 50 stores for wide distribution, leveraging multimedia distribution channels to ensure the album reaches a global audience. Charlie Flint, Award Winning Composer, aggregated the sonic branding to platforms like Spotify, Amazon, IHeart, Apple Music, and more allowing the album to not only be accessible for free but also monetized, allowing the creators to earn royalties while retaining 100% of their copyrights. The inclusion of UPC & ISRC codes facilitates tracking and ensures up to 90% of royalties are returned to the creators.

This album emerges as a practical tool for content creators in need of specialized sound effects (SFX) that accurately capture the essence of furniture unboxing experiences. By incorporating a wide range of sounds from the gentle rustling of packaging materials to the distinctive sounds of assembling furniture, the album serves a dual purpose: enhancing the sensory experience of audiences and providing creators with high-quality, ready-to-use SFX for their projects.

Listen Now:

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