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Internet's Favorite Creators Destroy the Internet's Favorite Sofa

Project Type

Video Editing | Post-production | Influencer Marketing


April 2023


Combina Key, Eddie Castillo, Minikon, Jeana Turner, Rio Summers, Alejandro Martinez, Andre Emery, Brandon Almengo, Vince Lee, Sarina Nowak, Martha Eelman


Video Production / Influencer Marketing


Valyou Furniture


Los Angeles, CA

Altered State Productions recently spearheaded an engaging video campaign for Valyōu Furniture's Feathers Sofa, illustrating the epitome of innovative product advertisement. This campaign was centered around showcasing the resilience and durability of the Feathers Sofa, a furniture piece that promises stain-resistance and ease of cleaning.

In collaboration with Combina Key of The Wolves LA and BuzzGuru, a notable influencer marketing tool by Semrush, Altered State Productions engaged top internet influencers for a remarkable product testing initiative. These influencers were filmed while they attempted to stain the sofa with various household substances, thus putting the product's claims to a real-world test.

Post-production played a pivotal role in refining the raw footage into a captivating narrative that blended authentic reactions with high-definition visuals of the product withstanding the spills. Altered State Productions leveraged their expertise in video editing and graphic creation to bring this narrative to life.

To ensure the success of the campaign, a well-strategized distribution plan was implemented. This involved utilizing social media platforms, paid advertisements, and influencer networks to reach a targeted demographic of busy households seeking durable furniture solutions. The effectiveness of the video advertising was amplified by a precise alignment with the target audience's needs and preferences.

This collaboration manifested not just as a video campaign, but as a testament to Altered State Production's commitment to quality, creativity, and strategic storytelling. It serves as a sterling example of the brand's proficiency in melding authentic testimonials with high-impact video production and advertising spots to craft compelling brand narratives that resonate with viewers.

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