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User instructions For Reviver

Project Type

Instructional Video Production


April 2024


Las Vegas, NV, USA


Brooke De Soto, Model
Brian Medina, Producer
Eddie Castillo, Director
Derek Richbell, Videographer & Audio

Project type

Video Production


Medical Expert Endorsement of Light Therapy Device

A detailed instructional video guide for new owners of The Reviver, Spacetouch’s 5-in-1 facial skincare system. This essential guide is created to assist users from the moment they unbox their device, through setting it up, and into daily use. Viewers will receive step-by-step instructions on how to maximize each feature, including microneedling, EMS therapy, red LED light therapy, serum infusion, and the soothing nano mist. The video also offers practical advice on maintaining the device for longevity, and outlines safety protocols to ensure effective and safe usage. Whether you're a first-time user or simply refreshing your knowledge, this video is designed to ensure you fully leverage the capabilities of your Reviver for a transformative skincare experience.

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