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Video Editor Choice: Top 10 Software Tools for Premium Content

Updated: Jun 10

We consulted 40 video editors and content creators, asking them what software was their to go-to for creating content with standout sound, color design and hosting.

Dim collage of different screens used for video editing services

You don't need a background in film production to create compelling video ads for a brand, create eye-catching Amazon product videos, or produce engaging content for social media platforms. The secret often lies in choosing the right software.

But with so many options out there, which one should you pick?

To find the answer, we consulted 40 video editors and content creators, asking them about the software they depend on to create their visual content. They shared the 20 software tools that they turn to for everything from quick social media marketing to polished video ads and detailed Amazon product videos, catering to both novices and seasoned professionals.

These software options distinguish between the clichéd content creator, who might focus on superficial Instagram posts like latte art on Instagram, and the savvy content creator, who strategically utilizes monetization, trending colors and Superbowl commercial worthy video ads. By utilizing advanced editing capabilities, these tools empower users to produce content that not only looks good but also ranks well and generates meaningful value.

Adobe Creative Suite

Creative Cloud Suite starts at $39/mo. The industry-standard for video and creative editing, boasting seamless app integration. Essential for professionals seeking a comprehensive toolkit.

gray textured metallic background with the adobe creative cloud logo in the middle




Industry-standard suite with robust features Seamless integration between apps.

Steep learning curve The suite can be resource intensive.

Affinity Suite Final Cut Pro DaVinci Resolve

StudioBinder Production

StudioBinder indie plans start at $49/mo. A tool for organizing video production tasks and breaking down scripts. Critical for video producers seeking a smooth production process.

Gradient purple and pink background with studiobinder logo in the middle




Excellent breakdown features Intuitive Streamlined production management.

Occasional UI glitches Higher tier features can be expensive.



Artlist Music Licensing

Enterprise Artist licensing starts at $199/yr. A vast library for music licensing needs. Vital for editors in need of diverse, licensed music.

gradient black and blue background with ArtlistMax branding and logo




Simple licensing for users Wide music selection & constantly updated.

No free plan Yearly commitment required for licensing and WAV formats

Epidemic Sound Musicbed

Neat Video

Legacy Neat Acess starts at $200/Lifetime. Specialized in noise reduction, enhancing video quality. Imperative for editors needing to optimize footage quality.

background is of a fish with Neat Video Best Noise Reduction for Digital Video written on the front.




Powerful noise reduction and optimizes video quality. Compatible with Adobe, Davinci and Final Cut Pro.

No Trial and costly for occasional users Requires a high GPU graphics card to edit in real time.

Red Giant Denoiser DaVinci Resolve has built-in noise reduction.

Color. io

Pro Pricing Tiers varies with $150/Lifetime. AI-powered color grading tool for dynamic and natural film looks. offers an intuitive, web-based tool that emulates the analog film response, perfect for both photographers and filmmakers. interface with marketing copy that reads Create deeper and richer colors, faster.




Compatibility with any camera, software, or screen. No need for downloads and ACES HDR compliant

Learning curve for advanced features & novice colorists The free version may have limitations

Adobe Color Davinci Resolve

Vimeo Video Hosting

Standard Subscriptions starts at $33/mo. Premium video hosting platform without ads. A must-have for professionals wanting high-quality video sharing.

Gradient blue white background with Vimeo branding and logo in the middle.




High-quality video hosting Ad-free viewing and robust privacy settings

Limited features on free plan Upload restrictions based on plan level.

YouTube Wistia

Blender 3D Studio

Open source and free software A powerful free 3D creation tool. Essential for editors venturing into 3D video creation.

Gradient blue purple pink and white to look like a galaxay, with Blender 3D Modeling Software logo in the middle




Free Download at no cost Powerful 3D creation suite that's regularly updated.

Complex interface Steep learning curve for intermediate 3d artists

Cinema 4D Autodesk Maya

Cinema 4D

Full Maxon Suite starts at $94.99/mo. Top-tier 3D modeling software with a vibrant community. Important for professionals in 3D video creation.

Gradient black and blue background with 3D art softwear Cinema 4D branding and logo in the middle




Powerful 3D modeling, Wide range of features,

Expensive, Requires powerful hardware

Blender Autodesk Maya

DaVinci Resolve

Black Magic Design Studio costs $299 Lifetime. Renowned for its color grading and audio post-production capabilities. A must-have for editors prioritizing color and grading.

Color correction and grading software Davinci Resolve Studio branding.




Professional-grade color grading, audio post-production Free version incredibly robust.

Requires high-performance hardware steep learning curve

Adobe Premiere Pro Final Cut Pro

Corebook Branding

Team Brand Studio per brand costs $180/mo. Simplified project management tailored for team collaboration. Key for video editors working in teams.

Media kit software branding and logo that reads where the brilliant brands come to build and update their online brand book.




Simplifies brand kits and identity management User-friendly and downloadable assets

 Limited features compared to competitors. Best for small teams.

GingerSauce ZeBrand

Each of these software solutions brings its own set of advantages, intricacies, and potential drawbacks, but together, they form a powerhouse toolkit for any media production company. From project inception to publication, and every step in between, these tools can help streamline your process, enhance your product, and set your company apart. Choose wisely and watch your production quality skyrocket.

Choose your go-to video editing software

  • Adobe Creative Suite

  • Davinci Resolve

  • Final Cut Pro

  • iMovie

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