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Top 5 Marketing Software for Video Production Companies

Updated: May 14

The top picks in marketing apps and tools for scaling video partnerships, operations, marketing, retention, and analytics.

6 screens representing top picks in marketing apps and tools.

You don’t need to be an award-winning marketing agency to create viral video content, to find the perfect influencer for your social media campaign, conduct in-depth keyword research, or automate emails for your audience. Sometimes, the right software is key. With countless options available, making a solid choice can seem daunting.

To identify the best tools, we consulted 20 video marketing experts about their favorite software for tasks like e-commerce video distribution and SEO keyword research. They highlighted the top 5 choices, emphasizing their ease of use for both novices and seasoned professionals.

These software options differentiate between clichéd brand channels that focus on hard-to-compete content like 'how to relieve back pain' versus the savvy content marketers who strategically use video monetization, trending keywords, and distribute their videos to high-impact referring sites for higher rankings.

Each of these software solutions brings its own set of advantages, intricacies, and potential drawbacks, but together, they form a powerhouse toolkit for any video production company.

SEMRUSH brand logo with gradient art directoon

SEMRush SEO Platform

Agency plans start at $499.95/month

An all-in-one SEO and content marketing platform.

Choosing the right combination of these software options can significantly enhance the productivity and creative potential of your media production endeavors. Each comes with its own learning curve and requires careful consideration based on your team’s needs and budget constraints. Investing time to thoroughly understand and efficiently utilize these tools can set your content apart and propel your production company forward.

From project inception to publication, and every step in between, these tools can help streamline your process, enhance your product, and set your company apart. Choose wisely, and watch your production quality skyrocket and optimize online content visibility.

Pros: Comprehensive SEO tools, competitive research, content marketing platform.

Cons: Pricey for small businesses, overwhelming amount of data.

Competitors: Ahrefs, Moz

Financing Services logo Quickbooks

QuickBooks Accounting

Software starts at $70/month

Comprehensive financial reporting and accounting solution. Crucial for video production companies who manage their business finances.

Pros: Detailed financial reports, diverse features, strong app integration.

Cons: Can be complex, customer service issues.

Competitors: FreshBooks, Xero.

ChatGPT interface for FAQ and Dialogue

Chat GPT

Free GPT3 usage, GPT4 starts at $29/Month

Known as the silver tide in AI content creation, ChatGPT offers scriptwriting support and ad writing for titles and overlays; it integrates advanced Marketplace AI to enhance or create impactful content.

Pros: Advanced scriptwriting tools, creative ad writing for overlays, cutting-edge video quality improvements, time-saving, can salvage poor quality footage.

Cons: Can be expensive, results vary based on source material.

Competitors: EnhanceNet, Gigapixel AI

Impact Affiliate Marketing Logo over city

Impact Affiliate Tracking

Varies based on merchant and affiliate needs

Provides robust tracking and reporting for affiliate marketing and campaigns. Key for the best video editors engaged in youtube marketing.

Pros: Large network of affiliates, reliable tracking, robust reporting options for any size affiliate program.

Cons: Outdated interface, steep learning curve for new users.

Competitors: ClickBank, CJ Affiliate, ShareASale

Klayvio Email Marketing Logo interface

Klaviyo Email Marketing

Free up to 250 contacts, then tiered pricing

An email marketing tool with deep e-commerce integration. Important for video editors seeking targeted email campaigns.

Pros: Deep e-commerce integration, powerful segmentation, data-driven marketing.

Cons: More expensive at higher tiers, steep learning curve.

Competitors: Mailchimp, Omnisend

Jotform apps for Lead Generation Logo

JotForm Form Management

Free, with premium plans starting at $49/month

A user-friendly platform for creating forms and collecting data. Ideal for video marketers seeking feedback or streamlining the intake process for video editing services.

Pros: Easy form creation, diverse template library, excellent data collection and management.

Cons: Free version has submission limits, UI can be clunky.

Competitors: Google Forms, Typeform.

Every software tool has its strengths and challenges, but when combined, they become a powerful toolkit for any creative marketing agency. These tools support all project stages, from start to finish, making work smoother, improving results, and helping your agency shine. Choosing the right tools can make a big difference, raising the quality of your work and setting your agency apart.


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