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Audio Engineer Visionary Charlie Flint Joins Altered State

Updated: Jun 10

Professional audio producer Charlie Flint in his studio.

Altered State Productions proudly welcomes Charlie Flint to the. Charlie comes armed with over a decade of expertise in audio production, sonic branding, and sound design, injecting unparalleled knowledge and skill into the agency's operations. Altered State eagerly anticipates the dynamic opportunities and fresh perspectives he will introduce to their clients.

Audio Production

At Altered State Productions, the commitment to excellence in audio production remains unwavering. Expert audio engineers design premium soundscapes for diverse media, encompassing everything from commercials and podcasts to video games and films. With Charlie leading the charge, their ability to deliver exceptional audio services is stronger than ever.

Motion graphic representing sonic branding. A red sound wave flashes in front of exterior and interior photos of a large building.

Sonic Branding

Recognizing the power of sound to forge distinctive brand identities, sonic branding is the use of sound to create a unique association with a brand. It is an essential aspect of marketing and can greatly impact how a brand is perceived by consumers. Charlie's refined skillset drives the expansion of these services, empowering clients to captivate their audiences through unique auditory signatures.

Sound Design

Charlie's innovative approach to sound design is central to creating captivating media experiences. With his extensive experience in designing custom sound effects, he enhances the immersive quality of any project. His meticulous attention to auditory detail ensures that each sound contributes to a compelling and engaging narrative.

Motion graphic of audio engineering hardware in use.

Music Distribution

Further diversifying its services, Altered State Productions also extends its expertise to music distribution, assisting independent artists and labels in reaching major streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.

Joining the Team

As a seasoned sound engineer, Charlie Flint is a visionary in sound innovation. His extensive experience spans numerous projects with a variety of clients, from small businesses to major brands, consistently delivering remarkable results across industries. With Charlie on the team, Altered State Productions is set to redefine the standards of digital audio excellence.


About Altered State Productions

Altered State Productions brings cutting-edge technology to creative storytelling, delivering content that resonates with the right audience in the right space. It is known for transforming ideas into results-driven digital content that engages audiences and drives your story forward. With access to future-forward tech and a portfolio of creative solutions, Altered State Productions is the choice for brands wanting a bold approach to digital media and marketing.


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