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Inside Shooky Sets: A New Arena for Video Production in Los Angeles

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

In the thriving landscape of Los Angeles, a city known for its vibrant culture and where dreams transform into reality, a distinctive video production studio named Shooky Sets has made its grand debut. This innovative video production company offers a unique blend of creative spaces and services, tailor-made to boost any video project.

Shooky Sets takes video production to new heights, providing an array of diverse elements to enrich branded content. From a cutting-edge e-commerce turntable room primed for high-quality video content creation to a dedicated podcast recording area, Shooky Sets serves as a comprehensive hub for all your video production needs.

Given the fast-paced world of do-it-yourself media, where captivating visuals can make or break a sale, Shooky Sets by Sunny Creative emerges as a game-changer.

The E-commerce Turntable

The need for high-quality visuals is growing in the fast-paced e-commerce industry. With that in mind, Shooky Sets delivers a dedicated turntable room for photography, decked with video equipment and lighting systems. The space serves as a conducive environment for capturing images of models and products alike. Creatives are easily able to produce high-quality, highly detailed images of products from fashion to home decor to tech gadgets.

The rotating turntable allows for a detailed showcase of products, enriching the customer's online shopping experience. The turntable stands out as an innovative feature, demonstrating the evolving capabilities of video production services. By merging technology and creativity, it offers businesses an engaging way to represent their products, further emphasizing the significance of quality video content in connecting with the target audience.

Podcast Recording Area

As the global podcast market becomes more saturated, adding a visual component is becoming a necessary inclusion to stand out and build an audience. Shooky Sets caters to this evolving demand with a dedicated space, fully equipped for creating engaging audio-visual content.

Featuring top-of-the-line recording equipment, comprehensive soundproofing, and advanced editing facilities, the studio offers podcasters an ideal setting for their video project. It's not just about capturing visuals, but enriching the audio experience in a visually appealing manner. The dedicated podcast area at Shooky Sets signifies a key trend in video production services, highlighting the expanding ways to connect with a target audience in this digital era.

Green Screen Photo & Video

The ability to create varied and engaging photo backdrops is of paramount importance whether we're talking about corporate video production or an amateur video project. The studio caters to this demand by including a white cyc equipped with a green screen switch. This feature offers endless possibilities for creative storytelling, from crafting immersive virtual environments to seamlessly integrating digital elements in a video project.

Whether it's for filmmakers, content creators, or YouTubers, the green screen room at Shooky Sets is a catalyst for transforming visions into reality. It serves as a playground for those who seek to push the boundaries of visual storytelling, providing a flexible and versatile platform for producing quality media content.

Live Performance Stage

A fully equipped live performance stage is a crucial asset in the world of artistic expression. Offering a platform for musicians, bands, dancers, and a myriad of performers, this stage becomes a focal point for powerful and diverse content creation. From the soulful strumming of an intimate acoustic performance to the shared excitement of event watch parties, it provides a versatile backdrop for various events and projects.

Outfitted with advanced sound and lighting systems, the theatre stage enhances the experience for both performers and audiences. This fusion of technology and creativity is a powerful tool for creating a video that resonates with an audience. The production teams leveraging these facilities emphasize the importance of both technical capabilities and artistic nuances in video production, underlining the complex nature of creating quality video content for today’s digital platforms.

Set Design Inspired by the 60s

For those seeking a distinctive twist for their video content, a set design reflecting the vibrant aesthetics of the 60s offers a unique solution. This stylized room transports video creators back in time, providing an authentic backdrop suitable for photo shoots, film projects, and various creative pursuits. The immersive experience is an innovative approach to creating media that stands out.

The attention to detail in the curated set design and props represents the essence of this bygone era. This fusion of nostalgia and creativity provides a fresh perspective for branded video content, demonstrating how the charm of the past can be effectively harnessed to engage the contemporary target audience. It exemplifies the flexibility of video production services and their ability to cater to diverse marketing strategies.

A Perfect Venue for Industry Events

Taking you to a whole new dimension, a futuristic-themed bar and lounge serve as a nexus for networking and socialization during industry events. This space presents a harmonious blend of sleek aesthetics and a relaxed, engaging ambiance. Here, guests are invited to unwind, foster connections, and cultivate valuable relationships in a unique setting.

More than just a production studio, this venue is an ideal location for industry events in Los Angeles. Catering to diverse needs, it serves as an excellent backdrop for product launches, workshops, and creative gatherings. The spacious layout and vibrant atmosphere are perfect for professionals from various creative fields to collaborate, exchange ideas, and build meaningful connections. The unique features of the studio create memorable experiences, underscoring the role of production teams in creating impactful, quality video content.

In the dynamic landscape of digital content creation, this venue serves as an effective platform for both creators and influencers. From product launches to industry gatherings, it sets the stage for a variety of video projects.

As they navigate through the various aspects of video production services pricing, businesses find value in the ideal blend of creativity, ambiance, and welcoming environment offered here. This studio is instrumental in empowering small businesses and influencers to create compelling narratives that resonate with their target audience, underscoring the groundbreaking potential of quality video content.


Shooky Sets by Sunny Creative is the newest production studio in Van Nuys, CA on a mission to elevate video production with cutting-edge elements to support enriched branded content. Check out all the studio features and the latest updates at

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